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Culinary enjoyment with the AMC Premium System

We hope you really enjoy cooking these new recipes and wish you “bon appétit” when eating them.

You can find more fantastic recipe ideas in our AMC recipe collection!

Asparagus with tomato hollandaise sauce

Asparagus is an absolute must for most connoisseurs. The hollandaise sauce, refined with dried tomatoes and basil, is an especially spicy variant on the classic sauce.

Asparagus and spinach salad

Normally they are served hot as vegetables, but both asparagus and spinach taste very good in a salad.

Veal fricassee with peas and mushrooms

The tender veal and its creamy sauce, peas and morel mushrooms is prepared in the Secquick softline in only a few minutes. And the fricassee is an excellent variation during the grill season.

Home-made gourmet fillet

Of course, you could get a ready-made meal out of the freezer... but home-made not only tastes much better, you know exactly what is in it. On your Navigenio, it is ready in almost the same time.

Strawberry yoghurt ice cream

You can prepare this delicious strawberry ice yourself with only a few ingredients. With the sun-ripened strawberries, you can save a great deal of sugar in comparison to shop-bought ice cream and of course, there are no preservatives.

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